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Welcome to the Molishop.com Web site. Molishop stands for More Objects Look Interesting. It is our motto to bring the most interesting products we hand pick from abroad to your door step.

Molishop.com is an online shopping platform specialised in selecting value-added products with best price from overseas markets to offer local consumers. The products offered on Moli will have these characteristics:

  • Art for life
  • Day to day convenience
  • Value and quality

Our value for you is to choose products from foreign markets, that are inspiring, fresh, and will fill your life with art and practicality, and bring them to your door step by our Smart Purchase Experts (S.P.E.).

Each product we offer to you is hand picked by our SPEs, then approved by rigorous team discussion and top management agreement, to ensure the fore-mentioned values are fully embodied in the particular product, and to guarantee the best value for money and refined quality.

Unlike most online shopping malls, we doní»t flood our customers with loads of undifferentiated products. Instead, we strive to focus on small variety, but high value-added products that are not yet available in local market.

Molishop.com wants to say to you:

Shopping abroad without travelling, because we are your extended arms and legs.

Please see the Catalogue section for details about our products. Please feel free to browse the website and tell us what product you like to have but not available in this country. If that product fall into our defined criteria, we will try to source it for you. You can contact us at any time for inquiries or suggestions. Please see the contact details in the contact section. We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic distributors, any wholesale enquiries are welcome.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to serving you.



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