1. One year free product warranty service
When you make a purchase with us, you automatically get one year free warranty service. If there is any original damages and defects of the product when you receive them, if the product fail to perform or if the product quality doesn;t correspond to the information on the website, you can return them to us to get the replacement.

2. Free gift and product finding service
If you have a great gift idea or have seen some innovative, inspiring and useful gifts, home products and gadgets, please write to us call us +44(0)8717201188  and fax us +44(0)8717201166 to give the detailed description so that we can go out to find them and try to bring them to you

3. Free gift wrapping and delivery service
At Molishop we pride ourselves with our first class customer service. We offer you free gift wrapping and delivery service. Let us know how you like your gift wrapped and leave a message to the person you want to send gift to together with the address. Once we receive your payment and message we will deliver the product you order to the address within short time.

Listen to what our customers tell us:

ˇ° Dear Sirs,

I bought an 'electrical bug racket' from you a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, shortly after receiving it, it stopped charging up. I believe that this was probably due to damage it received in transit.

I contacted you, and asked if there was any assistance you could give me. Not only did you immediately reply to my email, giving me a reassurance that you would replace the 'bug racket' at no extra cost, but also giving me day that it would be delivered.

True to your word, the bug racket arrived promptly on the day that you said it would.

It is rare indeed to receive such prompt and efficient customer service. There are a lot of large retailers in the UK who I wish would live up to the standard you are setting for good customer service.  I will have no hesitation in purchasing from you again, and have recommended you to others.

Thank you,

Jon' Fulljames


ˇ°Thank you for sending me the replacement product, your after sales service is first classˇ± - David Morgan Uxbridge

ˇ°The Bug Racket is really innovative and amazingly easy to use. When a fly appears in the kitchen, everybody jumps up to grab the racket and often it ends with a fight for itˇ± - Rab Simpson   Cambridge

ˇ°From you I discovered the beauty of BoBijou jewellery, each piece is so different and there are so many colours and looks I can get at very affordable prices, I love it, I would recommend people visit the BoBijou website to get more designs to choose from. I found you several times on famous fashion magazines and that really makes me happy as you are getting more and more media attentions!ˇ±  Elizabeth McEwan    London




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