Electrical Bug Racket

Electrical Bug Racket

Molishop brings you this fantastic bug killer, the Electrical Bug Racket. It operates on 2 AA size batteries. When you approach whatever insect, click the little button on the side of handle, a red light signals that electricity is charged on to the metal mesh of racket, the bug will then be stuck to the racket and killed. You just need to shake it off into the toilet or bin to finish.

Key Values:

  • Easy to use
  • Practical for day to day life (Summer Outings, Camping, Fishing, Barbecues, Walking, Gardening ....)
  • High quality manufacture, long lasting product
  • Good value for money
  • Environmentally friendly compared to insecticide spray
  • Ideal for all households, safe for children, but not recommended for children to use.
  • Nice design look, practical polybag package with clear instructions on the back

How to use:

  • When you are annoyed by any mosquitos, flies, wasps, midgies, spiders, just take the Bug Racket, click the little button on the handle, it will charge a low voltage electricity through the metal mesh
  • Then approach the bug with the racket, swat around and the bug is stuck to the charged mesh, it can be used on either side of the racket head
  • You will hear ¡°bang¡± that means the bug has been zapped
  • Then you just shake it off to the toilet, bin or garden to finish

We do recommend not to touch the inside mesh if charged.

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Model A: Diamond shaped outer layer mesh - tight protection mesh

Model B: Horizontal line shaped outer layer mesh

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Country of origin: Patented and produced in China

Dimension: 460mm (full length) x 160mm (racket head width) x 20mm (handle thickness)

Description: Solid plastic body frame, outside metal protection mesh and inside electricity chargeable mesh, operates with 2 AA batteries (not included). Plastic inside support frame makes the product last very long (10 years). Packaging is a polybag package with clear instructions printed on the back and a red draw string for hanging.


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  • £10.99 for 2 of Model B, compared to RRP of £15.99.
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